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Cati Gelabert Niell

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A time ago I affirmed to friend and countrywoman Cati Gelabert who: „Is certain: The happyness is looking for it just. It is certain: you already want when you look for the love. The art no, the art only appears when finding it”. And I said in writing in the page number to it three of a poetry book, in the dedications. And it is the inspiration is a very capricious lover, who quite often hides when you need plus it, or on the contrary, sometimes you superficially like a tornado is made so evident that she exceeds to you, empty, drags to you. And it is very difficult between a psychic state and another one, to find the so essential point of balance, necessary moderation, mature fullness. And I do not speak only of mmaestría in the handling of the brushes, colors, shades, textures. I do it of the essential genius because that one “knowledge to do” raises a step, overcomes, obtains the height and the aureole that transforms into Work of Art unites only beautiful, decorative piece. And when this even happens surprising to the same author. Magic almost needs to find the switch who ignites all the candles of the inspiration, and at the given moment, the hand moves almost single towards the creative process, towards the same you limit humans. But Cati has acquired, this magic. You observe his work at great length, little by little without haste… The sensation of finding you, well, to taste, plenty and so you see, notes that transform to you, that until the skin and all communicates those so high perceptions to you, so difficult to explain… If this happens to you, is that Gelabert Niell has returned to make the fascinating conjuring. And it has arrived exactly there where it wanted.

Word of poet. Biell Florit Ferrer. May 2007




In Sineu we are a lot given to want knowledge what and the reason of weary things that they happen to everybody and each one. He must be the poet Blai Bonet for what hesaid: that the knowledge of the men brings us over to the gods. We put that if. If it is not true, it is well found.Com that we know a lot, almost everything, the that success to one, the way she splashes all the other. Because of that same when, relatively little weather ago, I discovered the passionate Art of the colors of weary TVS of na Catalina, I suggested, I say, how it is possible that it happened and I did not know it, I did not splash? It is strange. And much more when the irrefutable coincidence of referential places been evident: our same village, Sineu, with the walls of weary houses of stone withered color of bread fair finished removing from the oven, old gold without excuse, ocher reddish always timids.Son Tei, big coomb of to the-luvió of gullies, caparrudes fig trees, ametlers that they still know how to bloom when the good moon is from January in point, green very desperts, livened up because out of the instinct of survival, pasture of resigned sheep of not at all not even bit bucolically to know that the wool that they give now any more she is not worth nothing, a small lake in the precise scale of the measure of the ambition of the menúfars, the Puig de Sant Onofre and smells of  and aggressive argelara, among Sant Joan, Petra and our town... The difference of age, maybe the little time that I can dedicate to our village, also weary personal lacks they founded my ignorance of Gelabert Niell.
The oil, the pastel, the "carboncillo", believers are to her. Because they taught and her, eyes shaken off. The skill of Maria Alomar, Agnés Florit, Pascual de Cabo, Carles Lladó, they candied in her without absorbing her. A thing is the technical one and another the personal answer in the face of the inspiration, the artistic creation the spillwaies of the soul. The experts say, this: intìm language, personality, independence.

I felicit myself to me for the discovery, the knowledge. Thank you and congratulations, Catalina.

Biel Florit Ferrer, Mayo 2006



LANDSCAPE COMES FROM COUNTRY. A reading of the painter Gelabert Niell

Landscape comes from country. Those who articulate a country are, in short, the construction of the elements that humanize our territory, the homes, the boundaries, the scrubs of the rafters, the sown fields or the streets. The result is a framework of sensations, of colors, a grid in ways that she waits for he was going to write, she needs- that somebody reads them correctly. Not only that somebody enjoys them and contemplates them, but that she objectifies them or that reproduces them subjectively. So she uses if one looks for the objectivity or, staff, makes a rereading. They are the two faces of a same currency, trying to find out the face of a place. Here she is where we, very diverse persons, scientists and artists, like the painter Gelabert Niell, come together. And a lot more of the one that can be believed. Pos an example, the definition of a landscape made through a good book of poems or the reading and description in the ways of a territory in a good novel of Guillem Frontera or of Gabriel Florit, to us to quote two elements of the Plan, brief so well or better of what they cross to make it the scientists. Writers and painters, so how photographers or movie makers, they are indispensable elements to look how we look, as they see and how instrumentalitzen through herdifferent languages, the one that is real and objective. Boasts, absolute pretension of the scientists. Of the impressionism to the hyperrealism, ways to try, to approach everything, cross the history of the art. Some touches of Renoir, yes that there is in the works of Gelabert Niell, with other personal touches of handling the brush, passats for the sieve of the learning of how the look of the artist on the cloth has to be transported, where the finished work the painter will say us like voice the country. The trees of a sidewalk of torrent, the fields of wheat or of barley before the boards, the paths and the huts that accompany the human footprints and of the story, the fruits that result from it, all them solved with touches certain of color. These the elements that she puts at the disposal are from everybody our painter. Here you are how her process of visual construction brings an element more, different, to the reading of the country. Through the stroke, of the color, of the composition, Gelabert Niell takes the opportunity to make ourselves fix in the that to her it interests to her. So real or more that the reality herself. So subjective or personal as the landscape read by one of us is it. Turn to repeat: or more.

Of Cati Gelabert Niell they like me the powerful treatments of her works, the plotted ones fast and convinced of brush or pencil, some herbs and some sown fields, as well as the breaking of the waves are already those of first term to stand out, when she makes navies, which, however, a treatment calmer and of detail does not make her avoid, to outline some village, a pinewood or some trees a lot to the style of Camille Pissarro. She is in these resolutions safe where the maturity of the painter is made more convenient, although accepting her her teachings, in her current|up-to-date stage she takes more personal ways: the framing, the shadows, makes the reflections for us tèmer of the new footpaths that can furrow the artist, sustaining, this yes, the faithfulness to her circles. The wide and endless readings of the territories, of the facts and of the results of those who inhabit them. Cati Gelabert helps us in it and supplies us a colorful and personal look to interpret them. In spite of the protagonists of her work are not the persons, even though one looks in a place or turns up almost dissolved in the sidewalk of a sink, contemplating the nenúfars, "in the way" of Monet. That she keeps on feeling of each pike more comfortable in her style, there turn to make mention, her resolutions can certify it with steady stains and master, approaching the abstract one, the swallows of color, halfway, on the other hand, with the thoughtful painting of the background, or with the skyline of Palma or with the profiles of the homes of her village, Sineu. Of the juxtapositions of the landscape to|the history of the art, of Patinir to the impressionists, who she knows if of some fauvistes or punctilious or of the teachers who have interpreted her in Mallorca, Gelabert Niell takes out her benefit. Her work is capable of scrolling vibrations good, pleasant sensations -Mallorca like an Arcàdia, I do not know if too much happy- that good mistake they make us. In spite of that, for under, the echoes that pursue the landscape echoe, Gelabert Niell in her work certifies her way to look at our territory, with a vision of hers.