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Cati Gelabert Niell

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IT IS CERTAIN, CATI A time ago I affirmed to friend and countrywoman Cati Gelabert who: „Is certain: The happyness is looking for it just. It is certain: you already want when you look for the love. The art no, the art only appears when finding it”. And I said in writing in the page number to it three of a poetry book, in the dedications. And it is the inspiration is a very capricious lover, who quite often hides when you need plus it, or on the contrary, sometimes you superficially like a tornado is made so evident that she exceeds to you, empty, drags to you. And it is very difficult between a psychic state and another one, to find the so essential point of balance, necessary moderation, mature fullness. And I do not speak only of mmaestría in the handling of the brushes, colors, shades, textures. I do it of the essential genius because that one “knowledge to do” raises a step, overcomes, obtains the height and the aureole that transforms into Work of Art unites only beautiful, decorative piece. And when this even happens surprising to the same author. Magic almost needs to find the switch who ignites all the candles of the inspiration, and at the given moment, the hand moves almost single towards the creative process, towards the same you limit humans. But Cati has acquired, this magic. You observe his work at great length, little by little without haste… The sensation of finding you, well, to taste, plenty and so you see, notes that transform to you, that until the skin and all communicates those so high perceptions to you, so difficult to explain… If this happens to you, is that Gelabert Niell has returned to make the fascinating conjuring. And it has arrived exactly there where it wanted. Word of poet. Biell Florit Ferrer. May 2007